Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    We at Lets Buy respect your privacy and take your online shopping very seriously. In order to provide you with better and more efficient customer service, we will record some information by visiting our website. In respect of your privacy and the security of your shopping, we will show you our online practices and how to collect information about you and what to use.


    Collection and use of information

    Information collection: We collect information from you using different methods on our site. One of the goals of collecting your personal information is to provide an effective and valuable experience tailored to you. For example, we can use your personal information in the following:

    Make it easier for you to use your site as you do not have to enter your information again.

    Help you quickly find information, products and services.

    Help us create content on your site.

    Alert you to any new information, products or services we provide.

    1. Registration and Ordering: Before you use or use certain parts of the Site, you must complete the registration process on our Site. During registration you will be asked to provide us with certain personal information including your name, home address, gender, shipping addresses, billing address, phone number, email address, and credit card number. This type of personal information is used for billing reasons and to complete your application and communicate with you regarding matters related to your application. Also, if you have any problem with completing your application, it is possible to use your personal information which you have provided to us to communicate with you.

    2. E-mail address: Many parts of the site require you to enter your email address for reasons of free promotions and in response to your request to inform you about brands, new products or newer models or to participate in our newsletter. Participation in any of our competitions is optional and you may choose to share and disclose to us some of the information that will be used later to inform contest winners and award them. It is possible to mention the names and sites participating in the contest on our site.

    3. Cookies and other technologies used: Like many sites, our site employs cookies and network beacons to speed up site navigation, identify you, your access privileges, and track your use of the site.

    4. Log Files: The server of our site automatically recognizes the Internet link you use to access the site. We can also register your IP Address, the ISP you are using, the date / time you access the system administration and confirm your request for internal marketing reasons and troubleshooting reasons. (Your protocol address can refer to your device's website.)

    5. Age: We respect Lets Buy Children's Privacy. Therefore, we do not intentionally or unintentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 13. In many of our sections, you are required to make sure that you are either over the age of 18 or that you are using the site under parental supervision or guardian. If you are under the age of 13, please do not submit your personal information to us and rely on your family or recommend it to you.

    6. Product ratings: You can choose to evaluate a particular product. If you post your comment, we'll ask you to provide us with your email and location. If you publish the evaluation, your location will appear to other users (but your email will not be disclosed). Any personal information from which you will be identified will be posted in the product that you place publicly and other users will be able to see. In this case, we will not be responsible for any personal information you choose to post on your ratings. We believe you can make useful evaluations without having to disclose any personal information.