Bank Account And Payment

    payment methods:


    Bank transfer

    You can easily choose the payment method (bank transfer) in the payment method

    While shopping in our store, choose the appropriate bank account for you and transfer

    it directly from your account and communicate with us to confirm the payment.

    * Attention ! 

    Make sure the account holder's name matches us.


    Payment on delivery 

    Cash on delivery method only to customers inside Saudi Arabia.

    Note: Please check the COD Fee before submit your order


    Payment by Debit or credit card

    Lets Buy offers secure payment methods to its customers using a Visa, MasterCard.

    We store your credit card information on the Internet. All payment details entered through

    The payment gateway website is encrypted when entered. Connections to and from the service

    provider's location are encrypted.

    We can not provide any information obtained by paying online to other companies or individuals

    Unless required by law. This information is processed by our payment merchant.

    The credit card details provided by you are used to make use of the online service and will be honest,

    correct and accurate Use your credit cards legally by you. The information given by you via the online

    service will not be used And is shared with any third party unless it is required to verify fraud, law, order,

    or court order. Online service Not responsible for any credit card fraud. The responsibility for fraudulent

    use of credit card rests on you and otherwise prove to be exclusively on you.

    If we are not able to provide a full or part of the request, we will inform you. A full refund or part will be

    given through the credit card that you previously used in your payment.

    Using an online payment facility from the website indicates that you accept these terms. If you do not

    accept these conditions, do not use this attachment.


    Pay with Tabby

    Shop now and pay later by choosing Tabby as the payment method at checkout. Divide the value of your purchases into 4 monthly payments. Without Benefits.
    You can view the terms and conditions of this service through the following link:


    Pay with Apple Pay

    Lets Buy provides payment service with your Apple Pay account .. by choosing the payment method while placing your order.

    Pay with wallet balance

    > Each customer has his own wallet, which he can charge and use in purchases.

    > Some returned orders, the full amount or part of it is returned to the customer's wallet.

    > Promotions that contain cash back, the amount of the offer is added to the customer's wallet.

    > The cashback cannot be used in the same offer, but it can be used in a new order.

    > It may take some time to return the amount to the client's wallet after making sure that the eligibility conditions are met.

    > The wallet balance cannot be transferred to the customer's bank account or to a cash amount.

    > Offers and discounts for a specific payment method that cannot be used with the wallet balance.


    Bank accounts:


    ACCOUNT NUMBER (13847188006605)

    IBAN (SA0910000013847188006605)




    ACCOUNT NUMBER (376608010935845)

    IBAN (SA 10 8000 0376 6080 1093 5845)