Dukhoon Electric Incense burner V2 - Black

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Dukhoon Electric Incense burner V2 - Black:

Electric Incense Burner: USB portable electric incense burner. A new invention of its kind that ignites incense by a ceramic heating element. It can heat incense to the same temperature as coal. The smell of the original incense is kept for a longer time. In the form of a hair dryer without wires.

For safer and easier use than the traditional method, it is an indispensable choice for home and travel.

Package Contents:

1. Incense Burner (Main device)
2. Micro USB cable
3. Tweezer for holding bakhoor
4. Brush for cleaning inlet
5. Mesh sheet for placing oud bakhoor in the inlet over electric coil
6. Comb for perfuming your hairs with bakhoor fragrance

How to use:

1. Before using the burner, make sure it is fully charged until the lights turned off

2. Put the incense then close

3. Move the safety button down then keep pressing the operating button

4. After usage, move your fingers away and swipe the safety button up 

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    Electric Incense burner
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    Let's Buy
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Based on (3) Reviews
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حجمه مو ثقيل ابدا مره رهيب وسعره ممتاز ولتس باي عندها التوصيل سريع في كل المدن

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منى محمد الهذلي

جوده عاليه ممتازه جدا

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اعشقها و بطلب لاختي زيها عشان بدأت تطفشني 😅😂

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