Lens Me Colored Contact Lenses - Smokey

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 Smokey eye makeup with smokey lenses are a true classic and turn your eyes into real highlights!

 Lens me colored lenses, that had the highest standards of beauty and elegance to suit different tastes. Provides you with a soft color that feels comfortable and natural on your eyes.   

Features :

  1.  Does not take time to adapt to it and easy to wear.
  2.  Surface Wet ability.
  3.  Low surface reactivity.
  4.  Flexure resistance.
  5.  Fracture resistance.
  6.  High quality.
  7.  Can be used for 6 months.  

How to use :

  1.   Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2.   Put the lens on your index finger.
  3.   Lift the upper eyelid up gently.
  4.   Pull the lower eyelid down gently.
  5.   Look aside and place the lens on the eye sclera (white area).
  6.   Look ahead until the lens is centered on the corner.  

Feel Comfortable Even In a Long Day Wear! 

  • Color
  • Brand
  • Base Curve
    8.6 mm
  • Water content
  • Replacement
    6 Months
  • Diameter
    14.2 mm
  • Contact Lens Type